Monday 4 June 2012

Intern Training

I am currently at Malenovice, a hotel JV owns and uses throughout the year for training, conferences etc.  It is a place that holds a dear place in my heart – I’ve attended trainings here in 2007-2010 and in 2007 our English camp was here too.  So I am sleeping in a room that I once shared with Jayne.  And I sit in certain areas remembering conversations I have had in those seats.  And as I type this blog post I can hear the rain I’ve recently just escaped from pour down outside as well as the occasional roll of thunder echoing around the valley, accompanied by a flash of lightning and I am reminded of past storms I’ve experienced here.

It’s been great just to be here and to part of this community of believers who will be serving God all around central and eastern Europe this summer.  One of the things I love about JV and have grown to love even more is their care for the people who are serving and the fellowship we can share.  It’s great to worship together.  And to hear the JV story from Dave Patty again, a story of God’s grace and power.

We’ve also looked at personalities and spiritual gifts and how we can serve those with different personalities on our team.  For those of you how know the categories we use it’ll not be much of a surprise for you to learn I’m a beaver (the organised, detail, factual animal).  Although I’m also a little golden retriever too – in some ways more so than my golden retriever co-leader. 

Dave Patty took the intern leaders on a quick run through off the Bible study we’ll be using with our teams this summer.  I’m excited about how God is going to use it to reveal Himself to us.  It’s a resource that looks at Jesus and His ministry for the model and methodology of how we should do mission. 

We’ve also been receiving some fantastic teaching on God and the Holy Spirit.  Something God has been reminding me a lot of recently is how my identity is completely in Him, not what I do – but I serve and live out of my identity in Him. 

We’ll be here until Wednesday and we’ll soon be heading into our first visit of a church and a school.  I am so excited about how God is going to continue to reveal Himself to us not only in the days of intern training ahead, but throughout the rest of the summer.

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