Friday, 22 March 2013

Photo Friday

Saturday - a wonderful day with the Hughes, who were missionaries in Czech for many years and are now back in the States, and some American experiences (In'n'Out burger, a hayride that included going by cacti, a yard sale) and an evening catching with another Arizona resident, Khue, who was my roommate for a while last summer in Czech.

Sunday - I read the Scripture passage in church in honour of Saint Patrick's Day and we had a lot of "Irish" food - pictured in corned beef (not from a tin like what I picture when people say corned beef) with potatoes and cabbage. Unpictured but also present was soda bread I made, a couple of kinds of cupcakes, green macoroni and cheese and green Rice Krispie treats. It was a lot of fun to celebrate the man who returned to the country in which he has been a slave in order that others might be truly free.

Monday - a day of running errands and having fun with Emily and Titus that included another burger for lunch.

Tuesday - Emily cut my hair!

It was so great to spend time with the Hughes. I've known Nate since my first trip to Czech in 2007 and we now have a friendship that has involved spending time together in four countries! It was so good to be with people who know me well and Czech well as I continued to process my time at MTI. I was so blessed by my time in Arizona. 

Thursday - my office as I did a lot of admin.

Friday - I shared at an Awana group (think weekly children's Bible club), this was the expert map drawn to show where I'm from and where I'm going (I didn't draw all the map!).

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