Friday, 15 March 2013

Photo Friday!

Saturday - I spent some time with the Hammerstrom family again this weekend and it involved a lot of great food - including chicken made with this spice blend.

Sunday - the glorious view of Pike's Peak from the Burley's window on Sunday afternoon.

Monday - I emailed my boss explaining that in order to make up for giving me e.coli America would have to do something big. That lunch time a wonderful woman in my growth group at MTI blessed me by surprising me with a big of my favourite American chocolates - dark chocolate M&Ms!

Tuesday - it continued to be cold and frosty!

Wednesday - the Burkhardts are going to be serving with Josiah Venture in Romania so it was really great to spend five weeks with them. This was the funniest result of us trying to get a JV photo.

Thursday - a powerful activity we did on our last full day of MTI that for sure deserves it's own blog post.

Friday - goodbye to many friends and the room that was home for five weeks! It was a hard goodbye (too people, not the room) but that means it was a good time of building relationships!

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