Thursday 16 March 2017


In early March, when there was still a little snow on the ground, we had our annual youth retreat. It's called Zimowisko which is actually a Polish word related to winter. We go to the same chata each year - a little building tucked into a mountain that was built by one of the families in church for youth retreats and Sunday school camps. 

It was so good to have this time together. We played silly games, and had to eat dinner with both our wrists are tied to our neighbours' wrists (it makes it rather complicated to eat spaghetti). We had a hike on the Saturday and a lot of good conversations on the journey. 

We also had some really beautiful times of worship throughout the weekend. And quite a few people gave their testimonies of how they came to Christ and how they've grown in Him - and most of the testimonies were from people who are the first believer in their families for quite a few generations. Our theme for the weekend was growth - what does it mean to grow in Christ, to grow spiritually? Why should we want to grow and how do we do it? 

I'm so thankful that I can be a part of this youth ministry, and know these incredible young people who are passionate about their Saviour, growing in Him and sharing this Good News with those they love.

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