Friday, 28 October 2016

Church weekend

At the beginning of October we had our church family weekend. The theme for our time was God's family.

Throughout the weekend various people from our church were interviewed so everyone could get to know them better. We had lots of free time which also allowed us to spend time together, and get to know people more. 

We had a guest speaker for the weekend who leads a children's ministry called Awana for the Czech Republic. One member of the church translated for Casey, Kristin and I - which we were very grateful for because some of the topics were quite complex, and sometimes it was Polish being spoken from the front rather than Czech. 

For example, we sing a lot in Polish. I'm really thankful for the various people who led us in worship during the weekend! And I'm thankful that, despite not studying Polish, I can usually follow the songs well enough to sing along.

I am so thankful for my church family here in Czech! I'm thankful that I am now at a point where I can build relationships in the Czech language - that even with my terrible grammar, people are willing to figure out what I'm trying to communicate, and to repeat themselves when I don't understand. 

And I'm thankful for the glimpses of heaven when people unite across languages and cultures, love each other, and worship God. 

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