Monday 2 May 2016


Fusion is one of the ministries of JV that uses music to reach young people in central and eastern Europe! These young people meet weekly to practice and then perform in pop/rock choirs. And at those weekly meetings there is a devotion where young people are hearing about God.

Each of these choirs is based in a local church to reach their town or city's young people. Currently we have Fusions in Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, and Estonia, and we've a couple of countries lined up to launch this ministry soon!

And at the end of April we hosted, in the little town where our JV office is located, and near the hotel and conference centre we own in Czech, an international Fusion festival called Fusiondary! So the town was joyfully invaded by 650 people for a weekend!

Each choir performed on stage and it was fun to see young people who are sometimes shy and reserved become rockstars on stage! On the Saturday we even took over the town square, and had a welcome by the town mayor, with a festival - complete with choir performances, and a stall organised by each Fusion.

The stalls were to highlight some of that places culture - so we even had Slovene dancing!

During the weekend I had the opportunity to lead two workshops on support raising - which was an absolute joy! I really enjoyed sharing with people about this topic, and encouraging them as they seek to support raise for the ministry God has called them to.

It was a great joy to see these young people perform, and give an opportunity to do that in front of a big crowd. But that was not the sole purpose of this event - the Gospel was clearly preached throughout the weekend, and people were clearly challenged to respond. 

And the beauty of this ministry is that these young people, over half of whom are not believers, have heard this before and will continue to hear it through those devotion times and their relationships with those who serve in this ministry.

It's exciting to think of the fruit that can come from an event like this!

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