Monday 4 April 2016

S-Team Retreat

An Englishman and a Welshman making breakfast.

The result! And, yes, those are British sausages - smuggled over in airplane hand luggage.

In March we had our annual S-Team retreat. Despite how non-excited some of the people in these photos look it was a great time! I love serving alongside this team of people!

We had a really great time talking through our different ministries, the "special" ministries that exist in different JV countries. We spent time talking through Fusion, Edge, Exit, and Camps, as well as time discussing the ministries altogether. We also spent time dreaming and praying and there were some really exciting plans that came out of this time.

It is also just good for us to all be together, something that doesn't happen all that often, and eat and hang out. I love that I get to serve as part of this team in what God is doing in these nations!

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