Wednesday 18 July 2012

Term 1

Well, first term is over and I can't quite believe how fast time is going!

Camp was really great! The food was great and the weather was good too (I'd say it was a little cold but I fear I'm just way too accustomed to Czech temperatures!)

But more important than either of those things - God really blessed us with energy, health and strength as we built relationships through English class, sports and workshops. It was such a privilege to be able to get to know the amazing students we worked with.

And as we worked through organisational and team things God was really gracious in how He provided wisdom and grace.

We also had a great time in Hradec Kralove, the city we were working with, as we did "follow up" with them over the weekend.

We travelled back to home base on Monday and had a day of laundry, rest and debriefing camp with our team. Yesterday has been more of the same, including administration.

I'm thankful for how God is blessing us with rest and just a good time as a team before we head into our next camp with  Podebrady. I am so thankful for team HawaiIreland and it has been a joy to serve alongside them and to watch them love students and serve God.

I'm really excited to see the Irish team later today for a couple of days during training. And I'm excited for another English camp! I am excited to update here again and share more stories of how God is providing all things.

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  1. Rachael,

    I can't believe you have been there for now almost 2 months!

    I have tried contacting you via these blogs, but the technology and me just don't work well together!

    Having read your posts it looks like you are having a great time and being completely absorbed in your mission- well done girl!

    You continue to be in our prayers and we look forward to your eventual safe return to Non Iron

    Yours aye