Tuesday 22 May 2012

T minus six hours

I am sitting here the night before I leave Northern Ireland for the summer.  Or, rather, six hours before I leave Northern Ireland for the summer!  In the morning my parents and I will be heading down to Dublin and from there I'll fly to Krakow, Poland.

I'll be spending the next three months mostly in the Czech Republic.  I'll be co-leading an intern team with one of Josiah Venture's full time missionaries, Josh.  In a week's time we'll be joined by our team, two Americans, Nolan and Bethany, and Jitka, who is Czech.  When they get here there will be a few days of crazy team building adventures (otherwise known as the Amazing Race) and then training for the summer in which we'll be visiting churches and schools and leading three English Camps!

There are so many details I could write about, so many things I'm excited for this summer.  But one of the last things I will be doing tonight is finishing writing my thank you letters.  When I applied and was accepted to do this internship I was fully expecting to at least pay for some of it myself.  But as I sit here I am fully funded, even a little more than fully funded!

Had I paid for some of it myself I feel like I'd be sitting here thinking that this summer is something I could do in my own strength.  Instead, I am so in awe of how God has provided so abundantly for me, more than I need.  It is my hope and prayer that as I head into the next three months I would be so aware of His provision in all things and that I would rely on Him in all things, instead of trying to do things in my own strength.

And in recognising how abundantly God has provided for me I know I need to say a massive thank you to the amazing community of people who are sending me to the Czech Republic this summer.  To those who donated money, bought puddings, wrote notes of encouragement or have committed to pray for me.. I cannot say a big enough thank you.  I could not go this summer if you did not send.  Thank you for holding the ropes.

I am so excited about what God is going to do this summer, and I look forward to sharing some of those stories with you here.

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  1. All the best for this Summer Rachel!
    Isn't it amazing how God provides for us? I am in the same situation as you, I too never imagined I would be in the situation where I would be fully funded. I think it is a wonderful affimation that you are walking in God's will.
    I pray that God will be with you on the journey and that you will arrive safely. I also look forward to hearing more of how God uses you and you time in the Czech Republic.
    Love and prayers,