Friday 22 August 2014

Photo Friday - 22nd August

I live on the first floor (that means up one flight of stairs)... I've no idea how this little guy got into my kitchen but he did!

This Catholic church has four services on a Sunday, and twice a day during the week, so I often see people going in or out.

This little blue tent was set up on the town square by a local church - they were offering Bibles for sale and talking to people. 

Enjoying a great book on my windowseat. This week I was off work and mostly just stayed in Cesky Tesin and read, sewed, spent time with friends. It was a good week of rest. 

I did a lot of sewing - and finished this little quilt! I hoarded fabrics when I lived in Cardiff and close to beautiful fabric shops and I'm so glad I did as it's a good hobby for when I have free time here. 

A beautiful walk around a lake 25 minutes from my home. Czech doesn't have coastline, but it makes up for it (mostly) with lakes and mountains.

Having a week off is wonderful but when you travel for your job you don't necessarily want to go anywhere on holiday. The only exception for this in my week was going to Prague for a day (it's four hours by train) where I got to walk around and see my favourite places, go to a few shops to pick up things I haven't been able to find on my side of the country, and, most refreshingly, spend time with this beautiful lady. I am so thankful for Petra, and having a friend who knows what it is to live between the same cultures and countries I do. 

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