Friday 1 August 2014

Photo Friday - 1st August

More summer walks, more beautiful colours.

More beautiful sunsets.

Our mission organisation had a vision to create a retreat house where missionaries could go to retreat, rest and hear from God. I am so thankful for the care of this organisation. And I was again at this retreat house - but not for rest, for my team's retreat. Each year we retreat and evaluate where our ministries are at and asking God where He wants them to be next year, two years from now and five years from now. 

It's a beautiful place and I'm so thankful for God's beautiful leading as we planned. 

It is wonderful to plan and dream but I came home needing to start a project that had a beginning, end and definable progress in the middle. Knitting is good!

This road signs have been appearing places in my town over the summer... I'm not really sure what they mean.

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