Friday 15 August 2014

Photo Friday - 15th August

After a summer full of travel I put my suitcase away.. and I did a little happy dance.

This is what happens in my house most Sunday nights. I prepare food, and cut up vegetables, and then I can grab my lunch before leaving each morning. 

Can you make out the church between the buildings? This church, the Jesus Church, was the only Protestant church allowed to be built in the area in the 1700s so they built it big! Every time I see it, which is often, I pray that God would again bring revival to this area. 

This view is my favourite.

It might still be gloriously summer but already chestnuts were falling - they remind me of my childhood and my granda, and I loved having a bowlful of them on my table.

Board game night at the Yormans.

A festival, I don't know what for, on the town square. 

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