Friday 25 July 2014

Photo Friday - 25th July

On Saturday camp ended and we left this beautiful place where we'd spent a week.

On Sunday those who were at camp - the UK and US teams plus any students - went to the front to sing.

I have an app on my phone that gives a Bible verse every week - it was wonderful to be reminded of this one after camp, when praying that God would bring to completion the work He began at camp.

I love walking around my town, and it can be rather beautiful.

Especially in summer, with the beautiful flowers.

I went to the Poland short term team training day - about 30 minutes from my home - and it was a joy to see the wonderful missionaries in Poland serving and training their teams. 

The walls of my flat are thick - something I'm thankful for as it hopefully keeps heat in in winter and heat out in summer. But it means I have thick windowsills. And the perfect spot for reading thanks to a couple of cushions and a blanket. Outside my window there is a open-market area and it's not totally pleasant, but the view of the trees is. 

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