Friday 6 June 2014

Photo Friday 6th June

Saturday was the start of Intern Training!

It was a joy to talk about prayer with the interns. They rotated round six different talks in groups of twenty. I loved giving them 5-10 minutes to pray for their summers as part of my talk.

Each country had to count the t-shirts for their camps. Overseeing this feels stressful but I love what it symbolises - young people hearing about Jesus!

I love the conversations that happen in the beautiful Malenovice, over delicious cake, with wonderful people.

On Tuesday night, after a time of prayer and communion, we commissioned each countries' interns.

And on Wednesday morning they headed into these beautiful nations!

What my home looks like when I arrive home from such events - lots of stuff, lots of laundry.

I have an app that shows me what I posted on social media on this day every year. It was funny to see this - a year ago I was in Cesky Tesin exploring it as my home-to-be and now it is my home. Very grateful.

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