Friday 17 January 2014

Photo Friday - 17th January

Saturday: I was home sick, which sucked because I missed out on adventures but it meant I was there when my landlord brought a joiner/carpenter to fix my door! This has been a long, long saga so it was good to see something happen (thanks to a Czech colleague who called and said that if nothing happened he'd sort it and bill them). 

Sunday night: the start of a long project.

The materials for said project: old camp shirts!

Tuesday night was a night of ups and downs... The joiner returned to fix my door but he made the door worse! Before I moved in someone must have tried to kick the door in so I've been living with the cracked door frame from four/five months. When he left on Tuesday night the door frame had a hole in it AND I couldn't really lock/unlock the door well.

I text the Yormans to update them on the situation and they immediately asked if they could come round and they even brought dinner. The boys gave us a puppet show and Casey made my door easier to open and close. 

And then my landlady came round, apologetic about the door, wanting me to sign my year long contract for my flat! I love where I live, it is such a gift from God, and to have my contract renewed so simply and for just an extra £3/$5 a month? Such a gift.

Martina and Kristin came round to help me with The Project.

Thursday: the joiner returned, removed part of the door frame and replaced it entirely. Look at how pretty it is!! The funny thing is he returned the following Monday to fit extra weather/draft proofing to the door... and then when I tried to get in after the Academy I couldn't unlock my door, because the fit was so tight. Casey yet again came over and was able to unlock the door and filed the frame a little, and added some olive oil to the lock and it's easier to open and close again.

Working on a project for the Academy. 

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